Wanderings of Mountain and Sky Collection

It was overcast the day we drove through Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but overall a pleasant early spring day.

It was just warm enough to have the top off in our Jeep, with the heater warm and blankets in the back to keep our littles warm

We stopped at Newfound Gap overpass, and the views did not disappoint. Moody skies, evergreen trees, and the starkness of a late spring lent an interesting mix of colors and textures to the landscape. I was in awe, the kind of deep appreciation that only happens when you know when your are witness to something special.

Even though it was a short trip, we did make the drive over to Cades cove and do the driving trail. 

There is something magical that happens when you travel. Images, emotions, and connections all intertwine with a place to form memories.


I do thing one of the greatest joys in life is wandering a bit, and that’s why I created these pieces. It’s my way of sharing my love and joy of wandering and exploring.

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